About us

As an Association, the main activities of Polish Women Photographers focus on:


promotion of the artistic activities of Polish women photographers


equalizing opportunities for female photographers on the photography market in Poland


inspiring women to take creative actions in photography


addressing important social topics by presenting photographic projects that address important issues in the field of social life, professional and educational activation of women in the field of photography


conducting interviews with Polish photographers and people indirectly related to the photography industry, coming from different backgrounds, presenting different styles and having different experience


providing information about organized photography competitions and grants offered for the implementation of photography projects


starting cooperation with individual representatives of the world of photography as well as collectives, organizations, etc. promoting photographers and photography as art in Poland and around the world


education by organizing workshops, courses and various types of on-site and off-site photography training in Poland and around the world


establishing contacts with companies offering photographic services and/or equipment


creating a database of Polish women photographers


publishing activities


creating a digital archive of Polish women photographers


charitable activities in the field of photographic education in Poland and around the world


providing management services for Polish photographers


Our platform is for Polish photographers living in Poland and around the world. It was created out of disagreement with the still unequal division of parities in the contemporary world of photography. We want to present and promote Polish photographers here and inspire them to continue their work. We believe that on many important social issues, the voice of Polish photographers is becoming more and more important and it is high time to show it to the world. That’s why we are here to support, educate, present and write the history of Polish women photographers, which is still not talked about enough.



We want to always be in contact with our followers, which is why we very actively run a profile on Facebook and Instagram, where we regularly publish photography posts. We mainly focus on photography by Polish women photographers. We have developed several permanent thematic cycles that help us organize our proposals and thus reach the right group of our recipients.

Here are some of our permanent proposals:

On the 20th at eight o'clock

i.e. video conversations with Polish photographers, photo editors, photo curators, photo book designers and other people from the photography community.

Now Polish photographers

is a permanent series in which we present the biography and work of Polish photographers who deal with this profession professionally

Page from Callendar

posts recalling the history and work of photographers from Poland and around the world

At high noon

Sunday live stream meetings in which we talk about interesting photographic publications or important photography projects or festivals

PWP Photography Exhibition.

is a large, collective exhibition of photographic works by women photographers of Polish origin who live in Poland and abroad. The exhibition takes place on the international photography platform Vasa_Project and during the Photo Art Festival in Bielsko-Biała, Poland.

Especially for Polish photographers

is a series of meetings and trainings with our partners in the field of broadly understood photography-related topics such as printing, selection, editing, workflow and organizing one's own photographic collections.

PWP weekend order

a series in which we systematically recommend a book, exhibition or film about photography


we have created the first database in Poland that brings together information and contact information to Polish photographers, photo editors, photo curators, graphic designers and photo galleries in Poland in one place

Polish Women Photographers Academy

training, webinars and photography workshops, in which the educational program is always precisely personalized to the current needs of students.

I am a photographer

series featuring your photos, presenting photographers for whom photography is a passion and part of their lives

We participate in many important social campaigns in Poland and around the world as part of photographic support. Moreover, we systematically inform about the most important photography competitions in Poland and abroad, as well as opportunities to apply for grants for photographic projects… and many other initiatives, which we constantly try to adapt to the needs of Polish women photographers.